Earthquake are not less than nightmare to human beings. Being truthful not just for human beings but for all the living beings. Along with earthquake, comes with him devastating loss to life and property. However, if understood properly we can reduce the catastrophes caused by the biggest natural disaster. Earthquake are caused by the shaking of earth tectonics plates which are purely natural thereby causing the quake almost undetectable. However today the technology has provided certain instruments that challenges the earthquake’s early detection.

before & after earthquake

If you are living in a earthquake prone area then you must learn how to cope with the earthquake, it will be very beneficial to you and the people nearby you. Earthquakes always comes in pairs, worst case, if you survived the first one then you must know how to prepare for the another one. And Bad luck if they come in series that continues for days like in NEPAL then what will you do. It’s very much needed that you should prepare for the protection of mankind.

Down below the article I present you certain ideas so that you can work over them.

1- Before Earthquake

Being natural it’s totally unpredictable but we can make certain arrangements for tackling it

  • At least try to arrange a Fire Extinguisher, a First Aid Box, some source of light for emergency.
  • Try to arrange some source of drinking water in a separate tank (e.g. 300 liters approx.).
  • Avoid placing expensive and heavy items on heights they may fall.


  • Try to run out to some open place like Playgrounds away from houses and buildings.
  • If you are inside some house don’t try to run out during an earthquake because you will be prone to getting under debris. Try to get inside something strong like bed or table or something else that will prevent you from getting hurt. Once it stops then immediately rush to outside.
  • If its don’t try to light up candles because if may be possible that Gas cylinders or any other inflammable substances make be leaking so first check then try to lit the matchsticks.
  • Stay calm
  • Don’t panic and stay calm.

6>  It’s likely that food will be less then try not to eat on full diet try to save food, only eat to prevent     starving. Eat half of your diet. This way you will be able to save for yourself.


1>  Firstly apply yourself aid if you are injured. Then look for others if they are hurt.

2>  If you are with your cellphone try to preserve its battery for emergency.

  • The earthquake comes in pairs(Techtronic plates will try to get under less tension thereby they adjusts resulting in return earthquakes ) wait and prepare for its return.
  • Try to arrange for drinking water if not, then try to open up Geysers Storage tanks and boil their water then use it for drinking.
  • If you are near costal area then try moving out from there earthquake can cause Tsunami. Try to tell others and also instruct them to vacant the places.
  • If you are not doing anything special then try to help the rescue team in rescue operation.

Be awake and also awaken others.

source : https://earthquake.usgs.gov/